The bravest, most life-giving coaching you’ll ever receive.

I want to know your big dreams and intentions, and will dedicate our work to removing any upper limit standing in your way.

I don’t do planning and strategy, but your inner leader will dare greatly, and success will become more tangible in your career.

This work isn’t measured by facts and ‘to do’ lists, but you will walk out of every conversation feeling immeasurable shifts.

My coaching will meet you wholly where you are, and you will achieve what you once believed was impossible.


About You

The courageous and daring humans I work with are…

Brave not Perfect

You are being brave with your life because you are open to new ideas and possibilities, but you do not wait to perfect the path before you get going or take action. Your bravery is in the willingness to fail and get back up over and over.

Committed not Bound

You are committed to creating your best self but not bound to where you are today. You are a work in progress but you also have compassion for where you’ve been.

Visionary not Power-Hungry

Your goal isn’t to gain power over others but to create impact. You contribute to the positive ripple effect and the cause you feel called to dedicate your life and work to. 

My coaching practice is all about transformation from the inside out. We are conditioned to believe that all of life requires we must seek outside ourselves to fulfill what’s inside ourselves ~ to fix what broke, be healed, find the answer, get better advice, devise a better plan ~ but all of this is a poor attempt to replicate the intricate dance of the interior, and trust in this space is what unleashes its potential.

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As a co-active coach, my goal is to help you co-create a life of fulfillment by recognizing the choices available in your life arenas and by moving you towards courageous action.

‘Living brave’, ‘spiritual empowerment’ and ‘daring leadership’ are areas I’m passionate to coach in, fueled by my deep desire for every human being to step into their innate power, and to experience a life of limitless possibilities. 

The main cornerstone of my coaching is that every human being is creative, resourceful and whole. Nothing’s broken, nothing needs to be fixed! You are the co-creator of your highest version and your best life. Grounded in this philosophy, I ask deep, powerful questions that nudge you to draw upon your inner resources and come up with answers that are uniquely appropriate for you. 

My coaching is passionate, inspiring and transformative because I bring my whole self to it. You get my knowledge and my skills as a coach; and more importantly, you get my wisdom and my life experiences. My calm, non-judgmental approach allows for safety and a trusting relationship to be birthed between us. And my daily meditation practice brings powerful presence and intuitive gifts to your coaching experience.


"Finding Anita has been a great gift to me. She has a remarkable capacity to tune into the deeper energy of my situations, and guide me back to my own true North.  Since working with her, I've experienced regular shifts, insights and decisions that have furthered me along my path far more swiftly than I ever might have ventured.  I look forward to every single session, knowing that something good will come out of it; it's amazing to feel that someone has my back and is on my side through the challenges of life. And what's more, working with her has taught me how to better coach myself through situations, even in between sessions.   To anyone seeking highly attuned and loving support on their journey, I can't recommend Anita enough.  She has been a mentor, a friend, and quite frankly an Angel."
Michelle Snow, Global Partnerships Officer
U.S. Agency for International Development Washington, DC
Anita is a naturally gifted coach - her listening skills, her demeanor and her deep expertise in the Brené Brown content are a powerful combination. She is astute, intuitive and very kind. I had the good fortune to work with Anita as my coach for many months, and every week I would look forward to our sessions with a sense of gratitude and excitement of where our time together would take us. My life has been profoundly enhanced by working with Anita - I have a wider aperture on life, and a lasting grounding that has set me in good stead through some tumultuous times. I cannot recommend her highly enough - the world would be a far better place if everyone was able to benefit from Anita's wisdom, humour and generosity.
Anya Paul, Global Agency Lead
Google, NYC
"Anita is one of those truly memorably people you meet in your life that you feel like you’ve known for a lifetime.  When you are in Anita’s presence, she has a way of making you feel like you are the most important person in her world.  Her ability to deeply listen and understand people is inspiring.  I have had the privilege of being a student in her workshops, a client with her as my coach, a creative partner as a colleague, and a dear friend.  Her wisdom and experience are gifts to those she leads.  Her powerful, intuitive questions provoke new thought and growth.  I’m grateful for the way she has expanded my leadership, deepened my awareness and encouraged me to step further into my power and authenticity."
Rhonda Allen, Leadership & Culture Consultant | Executive Coach
Vancouver, BC
"I remember being at my lowest point in life and being told about Anita from a family friend. At this point in my journey I had nothing to lose but was skeptical at best. I can still remember how nervous I felt meeting Anita for the first time. We've all heard the cliché of people saying "I met this person, and he/she changed my life". I never imagined that one day I myself would be saying the same thing! Anita truly has changed the trajectory of my life. She's helped connect me to my voice, strength and belief. The value of Service is exactly what Anita stands for. I trust her, I am grateful for her and can’t imagine being where I am without her. Most importantly, I am excited to carry on my relationship with Anita for the rest of my life’s journey."
Brian Deol, Student
Vancouver, BC
"Anita has been a major presence in my life since 2012. When Anita and I first connected all those years ago, I had just begun my personal growth journey. Since then, my coaching relationship with Anita has helped me grow from a person who was afraid of failure, to one who has had the courage to move on twice from unsatisfying jobs in the last decade, get engaged and married. The most significant impact from the work Anita and I have done together is reflected in how I consistently honour my values for freedom and integrity, and show up as an empowered leader in my daily work interactions. Anita’s strengths as a coach are her intuition, her courage to dig deeper, and her acute ability to understand what underlying issues are brewing below the surface. I would love for you to have as enriching a relationship with Anita as I have been privileged to experience."
Nama Vythilingum, , Accounts Executive
Toronto, ON